EUROIMMUN AG, founded in Germany in 1987, markets its products in 130 European, North American, South American, Asian, and African countries and Australia. The company is famous for its unique patented TITERPLANE® technology which it successfully uses in indirect immunosorbent IIFT и EUROArray methods.

Being a reputed world producer, the company has its own research institute, independent reference laboratory, and Training Academy. In April 2014, the WirtschaftsWoche magazine rated the company 3rd best innovator among German medium-sized enterprises.

EUROIMMUN offers a considerable portfolio of lab tests for diagnosing almost all known autoimmune and allergic diseases, a wide spectrum of infectious and hereditary pathologies, Alzheimer’s disease, indicators of bone turnover, stress, kidney functions, and gluten intolerance.

The equipment and reagents produced by the company use the following methods:
— Solid-phase enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) 
— Indirect immunosorbent test (IIFT)
— Blotting (BLOT)
— Chemoluminescent immunological assay (ChLIA)
— Multi-result genetic diagnostics (EUROArray)

Tested human materials are blood, urine, spinal fluid, saliva, feces.

The wide range of equipment allows for forming an exploratory line for tests in any volumes. Small laboratories can use test systems in manual mode. For medium-sized laboratories there are semiautomatic systems and small automatic ones. Maximum capacity laboratory systems are available for large laboratories. Machines preclude any human error and provide standard conditions for obtaining test results.

All Euroimmun AG equipment is provided with warranty and post-warranty service.

EUROIMMUN – your partner for the diagnostic laboratory
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