For distributors
Tinyteria MED company  is open to cooperation with professional distributors of reagents and lab diagnostics equipment in the country of your residence and operation. To make our partnership mutually beneficial we have secured comfortable conditions for our cooperation.

For distributors

Our office in Ukraine and partners in Belarus and Lithuania facilitate communication between your regional market and foreign suppliers. We will take care of all contacts with them, promptly specify necessary information, settle possible problems, adapt marketing materials, and help with product marketing.

Our supplies are legal. All the products supplied to you are registered and certified. Our specialists will help with the purchase, with timely delivery to your region and, if necessary, with customs clearance. The entire chain of logistics perfectly matches your requirements and wishes.

Cooperating with your customers, you can always count on our support. Tiniteria MED specialists monitor all changes on the market of lab diagnostics and will provide expert assistance should your customers switch to other products or other manufacturers. Our engineers have been trained at authorized training centers abroad and are ready anytime to install and launch your equipment and train your lab personnel. Moreover, if necessary, we will form a laboratory from ground zero, select all necessary tests and reagents and help your customer implement any project. Of course, a lab personnel training course is included.

At present, Tinyteria MED works with partners from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, and we are open to new cooperation offers.

If you wish to present high quality products by recognized European manufacturers on your markets on a long-term basis, contact us on

We seek mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation with you.

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