Apart from supplying reagent kits and equipment, Tinyteria renders after-sales guarantee servicing as well as facility maintenance services. Technical support is provided by the certified service engineers; it includes:

1. Facility maintenance:

  • installation supervision and set-up;
  • guarantee and post-guarantee servicing;
  • regular preventive servicing;
  • software updating in compliance with the producers’ recommendations;
  • adapting the systems, which are open, to the use of various producers’ reagent kits;  
  • spare parts and accessories supplies.

2. Trainings for the staff of the laboratories with the purpose of proper use of equipment and software;

3. Consultations on how to use complex Euroimmun products, in particular reagent kits allowing for laboratory efficiency increase;      

4. Consultations on the use of technologies for test results evaluation;

5. Marketing support.

Service engineers are qualified specialists who have successfully completed the training programs in the producers’ training centers in Germany and Poland. The company has an equipped warehouse allowing for product storage. These lets fully meet the clients’ needs and actively respond to the clients’ requests.