• Euroimmun AG (Germany) is a international manufacturer of the reagents and automatic instruments for the wide spectrum of autoimmune, infection, allergies, heritage illnesses, Alzheimer disease, characteristic of bone metabolism, stress, kidney disfunction, gluten intolerance. The reagents and the equipment relates to the ELISA, IIFT, BLOT, MictoArray methods and test blood, spinal fluid, urine, stool and saliva. Product catalog
  • BioMaxima (Poland)  is a manufacturer of the ready-to-use liquid or agar media in Petro dishes, tubes, bottles and dehydrated puller for the microbiological tests in clinical and veterinary laboratories, water assays, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products and the conditions of their production.
  • ImmunDiagnostik AG (Germany) is a German manufacturer of the reagents for ELISA method to investigate gastrointestinal markers in stool, blood and urine. Their reagents can determine such illnesses as Crohn, ulcer colitis, pancreas exocrine function, bile acids in stool; diagnose metabolic syndrome, periodically fulfill the prophylactic screening colon tumor in early stages, intolerance of histamine in food, monitor the monoclonal therapy, detect the active vitamins of B group with easy-to-use manually method. Product catalog
  • IDS (Great Britain) is a manufacturer of newest markers for studying the processes in bones at age osteoporosis in order to use more efficient and reasonable treatment, its monitoring and future prognosis.
  • DiaMetra (Spain) is a manufacturer of the reagents for the determination the levels of steroid, hypertensive, thyroid and fertility hormones in blood, urine, saliva; as well as tumor, diabetic, autoimmunity thrombosis, autoimmunity gastroenterology, ANCA Vasculitis, Rheumatology and Celiac markers.
  • Autobio (China) is a manufacturer of diagnostically test for detecting of mycoplasma and ureaplasma together with their sensitivity to antibiotics that has the same quality like Biomerieux.