EUROIMMUN company has been developing and offers the automatic laboratory machines and instruments for each method of testing their reagents are produced. These apparatus automatize the routine manual laboratory procedures that leads to in order of magnitude reduction of human error, standardization of multistep workflow and significant acceleration of the processes.


I. Enzime-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA):

The ELISA test kits contain everything is necessary for manual and automatic implementation of the assays. They are ready-to-use.

1. Analyzer I - fully automated has 7 plates onboard.       YG 0014-0101


• Fully automated open system for processing more than 800 parameters for autoimmune diagnostics, infectious serology and allergology – in one system

• Scanning of QC certificates with 2D-hand barcode scanner

•  High throughput (up to 70 samples per hour, up to 7 plates per load)

• There is a possibility of combination - to place different tests with the same incubation procedure in one plate.

•  Automatically identification of the samples and reagents using their barcodes


2. AnalyzerI-2P – fully automated has 7 plates onboard for small and middle size laboratories.       YG 0015-0101


Its difference from Analyzer I – quick load and efficient administration allows perform up to 50 samples per hour. 3 plates, 144 samples per load.


3. EUROLab Work Station ELISA – fully automated open system with the highest throughput on the market.   YG 0851-0101


The highest throughput on the market: ~ 800 sample capacity, > 1300 analyses and up to 180 parameters per load, > 200 tests per hour, 15 plates and incubation positions per run, 10 washable needles, 2 washers, 8 incubators, 4 heatable shakeable incubators.


II. Immunological BLOT:

4. EuroBlotOne        YG 0153-0101


5. EuroBlotMaster      YG 0151-0101


III. Equipment for indirect immunofluorescence method (IIFT):

6. EUROStar III Plus is the apparatus specifically tailored to the requirements of indirect immunofluorescence. The conventional complex illumination fittings have been replaced by the stunningly simple EUROStar Bluelight system. A camera can be fitted to the phototube for digital image recording.                  YG 0306-0101-3


  • It has life expectancy of 50,000 hours with light intensity maintained at a constant level by electronic regulation. Thus, the microscope requires almost no maintenance.
  • It is immediately ready for operation after being switched off and on and offers instant full output. It does not emit any ultraviolet radiation and is explosion-proof.
  • With the EUROIMMUN cLED, the EUROStar Bluelight technology is also available as a separate component to upgrade other microscope types.

EUROPicture programme has been elaborated for the display and management of the digitally recorded fluorescence images. Apart from being user-fiendly and compact the microscope is intended for the use in immunologic, immunochemical, immunogenetic analyses.


7. EUROPattern – is a high-performance automation solution designed by EURO­IMMUN for the evaluation of immunofluorescence slides in autoimmune diagnostics.


IIFT patterns and corresponding titers are automatically identified and given for each patient individually (including mixed patterns).

Validation and export to LIS are carried out at a mouse click using EUROLabOffice (ELO).


  • Automated identification of slides via matrix codes.
  • Automated processing of up to 500 analysis positions in succession.
  • 3D hand control for manual operation.
  • Controlled LED (> 50,000 hrs of constant light flux).
  • No dark room required.

8. IF Sprinter is a fully automated equipment which allows for processing immunofluorescence tests, from the dilution and dispensing of samples to the incubation and washing of microscope slides.    YG 0032-0101


  • Sample identification by automatic scanning of barcodes when racks are inserted into the system.
  • The washing of slides by flooding ensures short processing times and clear immunofluorescence signals.
  • Smooth laboratory routine: the connection to EUROLabOffice (optional) offers unique ways to optimise processes in serology, e. g. automatic generation of worklists.
  • 12 controls and 8 reagents (customised EUROIMMUN racks).
  • Up to 20 slides (depending on the system configuration).
  • 192 dilution positions.

9. Sprinter XL - fully automated apparatus which allows for processing Immunofluorescence tests (IIFT) and ELISA on one system / in one run.                     YG 0033-0101


  • 4 washable needles and 2 arms allow efficient and optimised time management of worklists.
  • Various system configurations available to suit different laboratory needs.
  • User-friendly software - Pattern Support - and system operation.
  • 64 (49) controls / calibrators, 20 (12) secondary reagents, 6 samples buffers and 4 wash buffers.
  • Up to 30 slides / 6 microplates.
  • 162 screening dilutions / 192 titer dilutions.

10. Mergit - Automated washing of IIFT slides    YG 0064-0101-1


  • Parallel washing of 50 substrate fields in 40 секунд, but at the same time
  • Washing each field separately
  • No beakers, cuvettes and paper tissue


11. EUROLab Station IFT -  full automation of indirect immunofluorescence 

The highest throughput system on the market: up to 750 reaction fields, up to 750 analyses per load, up to 75 parameters per load, > 200 analyses per hour, 10 washable stainless steel needles, robotic platform.

IV. PCR Microarray method (EUROArray):

12. EUROArray Scanner    YG 0601-0101



V. Метод хемилюминисцентного иммунологического анализа (ChLIA):

13. Анализатор RA 10 - random access system for chemiluminescence immunoassays (ChLIA)     YG 0710-0101