What we do

Tinyteria is an international distributor group of companies, specializing in reagents, microbiological media, equipment supply and automatization of laboratory diagnostic, POCT for laboratories, hospitals, private practices and patients.


Tinyteria supports its customers with the technical service for the automatic instruments, as well as with necessary technological and medical information for proper application of the products.


As we mainly work В2В, notably we sell the products for the producing of tests results, Tinyteria supports its customers with important marketing information, advertising production, tips the ways for finding a target group of persons or niche concerned.


In addition Tinyteria helps its customers in searching and purchasing of required refurbished automatic devices of the most prominent and popular models which are much cheaper than the new ones. Tinyteria can also assist in selling your unnecessary but still working laboratory machine.


Tinyteria Group provides the products of the leading European manufacturers at the markets of former Soviet Union countries: Republic of Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Armenia and Georgia.


The manufacturers are the famous European companies:

Euroimmun AG (Germany), BioMaxima S.A. (Poland), ImmunDiagnostik AG (Germany), IDS - Immunodiagnostic Systems S.A. (Great Britain), DiaMetra srl (Spain).